To Low Carb or not?

Only you can decide which way of eating suits you. Unfortunately, we have had our heads filled with pseudo-science for far too long, well it’s not even correct to call it pseudo-science, more truthful is ‘a load of codswallop’ for years now since the infamous Ancel Keys fabricated his results on the occurrence of heart disease within communities that ate fat. The link when you click on his name above will explain a little of what he did. I would definitely look into him some more, it is interesting reading!

I do wonder sometimes how on earth we thought a high grain and sugar diet would be good for us. If we look back at our ancestors we can easily find info on how they ate. They hunted and gathered, they ate meat and fat in large quantities after hunting and then fasted, meat was dried for use in colder weather and fruit and berries were used at other times. BUT that does not mean fruit and berries we eat today which have been genetically modified by us to be larger and sweeter! A prime example is this banana, check out these pics of other fruit how they originally looked compared to nowwild banana

Once in maintenance, you could have some fruit, such as berries or a small apple. Personally, I would choose sweet potato! Food for thought huh?

Have a look at this YouTube video too, amazing how we have changed so many foods through selective breeding….or is that dogs? 

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