Asian Noodle Soup


Yep, Noodles! People either love them or hate them but Konjac noodles are a fantastic substitute for rice vermicelli. You have to rinse them really well before use and then if you cook them in your soup or fry them etc depending on what you are making they are great, no taste just texture so you have some ‘bite’.

Now if you really hate them, do some zoodles (Zucchini/Courgette spiralized into noodles) on the finest setting, don’t cook them just put them in the bottom of your bowl and pour the steaming soup over them, they heat up but don’t lose any texture so they too have a ‘bite’.

Serves 1

1/4 chicken Breast sliced or diced

100 ml coconut cream

1 Cup Homemade chicken broth

1/4 cup sliced cabbage

1/4 to half packet Konjac Noodles

1 Tbsp. Butter preferably grass fed.

2 tsp Fish Sauce

2 Fresh chilli’s diced

Large pinch of finely chopped Coriander leaf

Juice of half a lime

Protein-28.9g  Net Carbs- 6.24g Fat- 49g

• Put everything into a medium pan and bring to a light boil

• Turn heat down to a simmer

• Rinse Konjac noodles well

• Drain

• Add the noodles to the pan of soup

• Simmer for 5-8 mins



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