Support Group Feedback

Brekky Egg Roll

One of the breakfast’s- 2 week starter pack.

So we are on Day 3 of the Private support group that people joined when they bought the starter pack, we have had a hiccup here and there but generally, it has gone smoothly.

This is actually just my own feedback so far, when the 2 weeks finish I shall share group members feedback.  We are going to set up some kind of feedback email so we can improve on things that people noticed weren’t top notch.

So far I am loving it, I am really enjoying helping people more closely than I can when I am in the main group. We have about 300 members in the 2 week group and it feels very intimate, I feel as though I can spend time talking people through the intricacies of starting LCHF/Keto.

We have a pretty big mix of total newbies and some who are further along, our guidelines for the newbies are very straightforward but when people start dropping meals and fasting naturally between meals there are lots of questions about their macro’s. Should they put a whole day’s worth of macro’s in their one meal etc?

So it has been really nice talking to those people and helping them adjust to being long-term Banters.

I first did the Coaching Certificate so that I could really help people with LCHF and know I was sharing the info Tim Noakes first shared in the Real Meal Revolution Book. I now feel I can do that in more detail and it is a great feeling helping people get healthy.rmr 1

So our next Group will be in February and I can’t wait, small things I tell you, small things!



  1. Audrey says:

    Sounds good the two month group. Can i join? What is the green list ? Ive been on keto diet for three months no differece on the scale my type two diabetes is great, my levels have deduced hopefully i will be medication free my the end of the year!!!


  2. T Holmes says:

    Hi Madeleine, Even though I’m 6+ months in, I’m thinking about doing the second group in February. Is this a good way to go, or fairly pointless as I’m mostly omad or tmad. Tricia Holmes


    • Lowcarbworld says:

      Hi Tricia, what about the 2 month group, it will be absolutely green list only, very strict but will def set you up for long term success, knowledge wise. We are being careful about dairy and any ‘extra’s’ in the 2 month group and moving you on to work out your own meal plans and macros 🙂 That way it will become ‘natural’ for members to know what to cook, serving sizes and really learn about their hunger signals 🙂


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