Best Thing For MY Body

steph sideI found LowCarb world via a friend who recommended the group and said it was the only group I needed to be in. She was right!

The info is the best and the most thorough out of any other groups, and I love how ‘strict’ the admins and mods are with no faux foods and staying on topic and following the rules. It leaves out confusion and makes the LCHF/Keto way of eating easy and simple.

The hardest thing about Keto was the initial Keto flu and withdrawing from carbs and sugar.. but this then led on to making this journey easy, because I realised just how bad for me these things are. The clear mind with no brain fog and energy from eating this way is what makes this such an easy lifestyle change.

I went from needing 5-6 coffees a day to stay awake and function in my job as a nurse, to only needing/wanting one in the morning, and actually enjoying it instead of just having it for ‘energy’.steph brain

Obviously feeling amazing isn’t the only benefit of LCHF/Keto, the weight loss and non-scale victories are the real winning stats – I’ve lost 12kg and over 49.5cm just from eating to fuel my body. I haven’t been able to exercise due to a back injury… so this is all from diet change alone! Absolutely amazing, and the best thing I ever did for my body, my health and my family – is Keto!

The best thing I implemented to keep me accountable, was a weightloss “peg board” and also the monthly body shots because we know the NSVs are more important than kgs lost!stephs board

I also made a dedicated Instagram to keep me accountable and asked all my family and friends to follow, and since then I’ve found many amazing Keto-ers and we all keep each other accountable and inspired!

Love this way of eating and life.


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