Heart Attack

In April 2012 I suffered a heart attack.

It was – luckily – a minor one, and I arrived at the hospital in time for a blockage removal via Iv medications and then more medications. After the heart attack, I was put on the drug-cocktail the Norwegian health administration is forcing every heart patient with; statins, blood pressure meds and blood thinning meds.

The medications made me feel awful.  My muscles were aching, my brain in a constant fog and lacking energy – I felt like I was on the edge of dying.
Late 2013 I decided to go back to eating low carb – I had back in 2008 tried it for more than 6 months and knew the science behind it and the health benefits it promoted. I did not tell my doctor, I just started.  After 5 months on it, I went to see a doctor who took a full blood lipid profile as well as other extensive blood samples. All results came back great and he advised me to reduce the statin dose to half and to quit the blood pressure medications and re-test after 3 months. So I did, and after 3 more months on low carb, I could toss the statins away as well!  I went full scale ketogenic after that and I never regretted it.

Still living on keto and all my blood tests are excellent and being at goal weight is a big positive! Actually, I never feel like I am missing out on anything!
I found Low Carb World thorough recommendation in a Norwegian LC group.
Best regards
Lise Kristin

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