Incredible Blood Tests

My friend Yvonne had spent years telling me about the benefits LCHF and I’d spent just as long dismissing her excited chatter. It seemed to me that LCHF involved a ‘diet’ that was unhealthy and unsustainable. I’d given up on diets…until I saw Yvonne’s before and after photos. When I won a new job at a prestigious school, I felt affirmed and was finally in the right headspace to give banting a go.

On December the 11th, days after my appointment, I bought The Real Meal Revolution, joined LowCarb World and started eating nothing but green listed foods. Naturally, I received a lot of dismissive comments about the wisdom, or lack thereof, of starting before Christmas. I survived work shows, family Christmas and New Year’s parties and countless lunches, dinners and breakfasts during my holidays, all while sticking religiously to the green list. My only indiscretions have been about 6 glasses of wine, including a sparkling white which I found so sweet I could barely drink. Despite having previously been a big social drinker, I’ve not missed alcohol. I’m quite happy to stick to soda water, water or black coffee.




Probably the hardest issue I’ve had is that I’m such a social being. Going out to dinner at a café is generally not too bad…I omit rice, pasta and potatoes and am no longer too scared to tailor the menu to suit my needs. Friends, however, try to provide ‘healthy options’ despite me being upfront about my new way of eating. They offer alternatives, however, such as fruit salads and sugar-free desserts which I just continue to refuse. I’ve overcome the problem by taking keto seed crackers and cheese with me to dinners and announce that, rather than eat dessert, I’d prefer to nibble on a cheese platter after dinner. No-one ever watches to see how much I eat, as they’re all too busy raving about the crackers instead!


What of the benefits of my new way of eating? Where do I start…there seem to be so many!? Firstly, the added energy having lost my first 22kg. I can now dance, walk and move without being immediately out of breath and beetroot faced. It’s been a joy to find I can fit into clothes that are several sizes smaller. The absolute winner though…my GP has been astonished by my weight loss and the incredible results of my blood tests, prompting him to phone me after hours to tell me my liver function was ‘perfect’, thyroid ‘perfect’, sugars ’perfect’ and cholesterol…you guessed it…’perfect’. I am no longer on cholesterol medication and my next goal is to kick the blood pressure medication too.

I have about another 14 kg until I reach my goal. It suddenly seems achievable, thanks to this wonderful way of eating and supportive group.

Don’t procrastinate. Just do it!!


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