Life Saving

IMG_20180122_182822At the end of January 2017 I went for my regular Type.2. Diabetes check up. I mentioned to my GP that I couldn’t remember the last time I had urinated & was feeling very unwell.

She wrote out the forms for multiple tests & urged me to get it done the next day.

A few short days later I went back to discover that I was actually in dual kidney failure, my blood sugar was astronomical & I was in ketoacidosis. It was quickly discovered that I was so insulin resistant that I didn’t even respond to injected insulin which ruled me out of being put on the transplant list.

My GP, endocrinologist & nephrologist suggested that I might as well try a low carb/ high-fat diet as I’d probably be dead in about 6 weeks if nothing changed.

The plan they gave me was enough for me to quickly see a change in my sugar levels, but not enough to save my life. I started doing my own research & found that my carbs were still well above Ketogenic levels, so I went looking for more info about being under 20g net.

The group that is now Low Carb World was suggesting to me by Facebook (thanks to their stalking technology. It actually came in useful!!) & at the 6-week mark my doctors were happily surprised to see me alive, healing & out of immediate danger.

As the months went by I became healthier & stronger. I went from being a 40 something couch potato to a regular runner. I’m on minimal medication & feel fantastic…especially knowing that I’m ensuring that I’m around to care for my disabled child for as long as possible.

To be honest, I didn’t find the change in lifestyle hard. My previous one nearly killed me, so all I did was decide that my life was worth more than processed rubbish. I’ve never felt the urge to “cheat”, or felt like I’ve missed out on anything.

I’ve lost 44kg & gone from a Size 20-22 to a Size 8-10. I still carry extra weight around my middle due to insulin issues…& will probably never be bikini ready, but I’m still here over a year past my “expiry” date & that’s all that really matters to me.

Caryl Stotter (aka Caryl Rialla on FB)

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