Men too!

In May 2017, after we’d recently married, my wife Jen sent me a message when I was at work. Jen wanted to try this LCHF WOE she’d be reading about.

Jen had joined the LowCarb World LCHF group a few weeks earlier and had been seeing people with some amazing results eating awesome looking food. She wanted to try it and wanted to know if I wanted to do it or simply support her. Both our weights had rapidly increased in recent months. I was drinking too much alcohol, we ate crap and felt awful. A big weakness for me was ice cream. Jen was about to need to buy size 14 skirts for work and refused to accept it. I was busting out of my work pants.


We knew we were overweight, we just didn’t realise how much. We’d had lots of personal training, tried the typical eating healthy methods. Nothing had worked. LCHF sounded different, but logical.

Jen added me to the group and I was all in. I did some reading and we decided to empty our pantry and fridge of any red list items and crap. I stopped drinking alcohol. I started off taking LCHF snacks to work along with breakfast and lunch. We started each day with a Bullet-Proof coffee.

mels bpc winner

The results were fast. I dropped 11 kilos in 6 weeks without exercise. I was hooked. As time went on, I stopped needing the snacks. We started drinking alcohol in small quantities and not being quite so strict (the odd cheat meal pizza) and we were still seeing results. My weight stabilised at 98.5kg, down from 116.5kg as my heaviest recorded weight. I had been bigger but refused to get on the scales.

Fast forward to now. I was recently diagnosed with mild fatty liver, but my doctor said it was probably much worse before I dropped 20kg. I started to use intermittent fasting on a daily basis and this has helped me push through the plateau and I’ve gone from 98.5 where I was for months, to 92.4kg today.

It’s not just about weight loss anymore, it’s overall health and well-being. I feel so much better. I was a light sleeper and I have a stressful job. Now I can sleep properly. I used to get a frozen shoulder and require remedial massage once a month, I don’t get that anymore and can’t remember the last time I needed a massage. I have better mental clarity and my skin is clearer. There are so many positives to this WOE and that’s before we talk about all the bacon, cream and butter!

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