No longer Need A Knee Brace

All my life I have thought of myself as a bigger person but never as big as after I had my two beautiful children and then gave up smoking. I have since discovered that tobacco contains a high sugar content hence why we look for sweet things when we give up smoking! Well, my weight ballooned. For years I neglected my body eating many of the wrong things and drinking copious amounts of diet coke. After discovering the extremely bad effects that aspartame was having on my wellbeing in the form of massive headaches body aches and pains etc I gave that up, nope not cold turkey I switched to normal coke instead!

My weight continued to increase over the years. In November 2016 my good friend Ange introduced me to the FaceBook Group LowCarb World and gave me a big spiel about how good the food was. Of course, the obese side of my brain fought her off making up all sorts of excuses. As a family, we loved to eat pasta and rice and these two alone would form much of our meals; enjoying curries and pasta dishes. ‘Substitute cauliflower rice for normal rice,’ she said and of course, my obese brain fought back with “have you seen the price of cauliflowers!? $6 each and I would need a whole one to feed my family of four.”


Eventually, she gave up. However, I remained a member of the group researching and
reading everything in the files and watching the progress being made by those who had already taken the plunge. It wasn’t until September 2017 when off to the hospital I went with what I suspected to be a kidney stone. Correct I was and I passed that little painful sucker without pain relief after waiting in the ER to be seen and then finally taken in for diagnosis and treatment. They tried to get a cannula into my fat arm, however, due to being dehydrated and obese they struggled to find a vein and so no pain relief was forthcoming! By the time they brought in an ultrasound machine to find a vein, I had passed the stone and the pain was almost gone!

After this admission, I researched even more and discovered that my coke addiction most likely caused my stone.  I made the decision to improve my health with coke being the first thing to go. At this point, I weighed in at a massive 155.8kg! I took Ibuprofen almost daily for pain from viral arthritis that my Doctor diagnosed from a bout of Ross River fever.

I made the decision to start LCHF on the 29th of October 2017 and was out shopping to start when my husbands father passed away. Knowing that I would find it really hard to be totally compliant while away in Melbourne for his funeral I waited until the 8th of November the day we returned home to begin in earnest.

My road has been pretty good. I did once have a non compliant meal after only being compliant for about 3 weeks due to bad choices and circumstances and felt ill for
two days after so won’t ever do that again! One of the first things I noticed was my fingers felt thinner when washing my hands! From there I began to notice that I no longer required pain killers as often and to show you how little I need them now I have taken two ibuprofen since Christmas 2017!

This achievement alone gives me the encouragement to continue on my healing journey but that is not all the benefits I have gained. My IBS is virtually non existant. I no longer require a knee brace when playing soccer. I have not needed to use a ventolin puffer this year. I no longer suffer from acid reflux. I am more active and enjoy my games of soccer each week and feel good after playing. At last measurement on 12/04/2018 I have lost a total of 93.5cm from my body gone from a size 26 to a size 18-20 and last because its less important than everything else to me I have lost more than 44kg. Not once have a felt deprived or starving nor do I feel like I am only eating rabbit food! I have by no means reached my goals however I have embraced this WOE and made it my life! I love the food that I can eat it, has so much flavour that I really do not miss the foods that I choose not to eat anymore!




The only downside is that I now feel the cold which I have not done in years! The upside to this I now fit into the jeans and warm jumpers that have lived in my wardrobe for years waiting for this day lol! I felt so liberated when I went through my wardrobe
and culled all the clothes that were TOO BIG YAY! My clothes will last longer because my
stomach no longer rubs on the steering wheel in my car! I feel so good that I just want everyone to feel the same way and so I encourage many of my friends to at least take a look at the green and red lists and go from there.

I am a convert! LCHF for life!


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