Now Ready for a Night Out

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis a few years ago. After some very difficult times, several medication changes and retiring from my 21-year childcare position ( I just didn’t have the energy), I was desperate.
Acid reflux was changing my voice, erosive gastritis and IBS were ruling my life, as was the RA. I began to research anti-inflammatory diets on the net. LCHF came up.

That night, I went out to my (very belated) retirement dinner and complimented a friend on her glow and weight loss. I’m so grateful to her. She joined me up with LowCarb World, I bought RMR to read and away I went. Within six months I had lost 20kg. At almost twelve months, I’m 22kg down. I don’t know if I’m at goal, I’ll let my body decide. This is a way of life for me, NOT a diet. Many of the people I love most have joined me along the way, with great success.

Best of all, the RA is much better, I have more energy and I sleep well. Acid reflux, erosive gastritis and IBS are problems of the past.
LCHF has been the easiest lifestyle choice I’ve made. I’ve kept it simple, virtually no faux foods, except the occasional seed crackers (from RMR).

I’ve chosen as best I can when eating out. Avocado, homemade mayo and olive oil/lemon are handbag staples. I can’t say I’ve ‘never’ eaten anything that’s not green list but if I have, straight back to this way of eating at the next meal.
The hardest thing for me? I haven’t found much hard about it. Keep your fats high, vary your protein and your vegetables each day. Stick to a cup of green list veg per meal, eat fat/protein first. I don’t track but have been known to look things up from time to time. When I’ve had a craving, mostly I’ve eaten cheese and butter. I still eat Lindt 85% dark chocolate sometimes.
If you’re out there ‘waiting in the wings’, jump in, the water’s fine!
Happy Banting all!
Vicki Randell.

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