Yo-Yo Dieter

I am a yo-yoer and tried everything on the market including shakes, lite n easy and other diets. I have always been fairly active; doing bootcamps and going to aerobics, and i also own my own business and work excessive hours. My lifestyle is very busy with a husband and 3 children to cater for.

In October 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. After radiation and hormone treatment which put me into enforced menopause (I was only 46) I was very sick for nearly a full year (in and out of hospital many times with a further 4 surgeries under my belt).

I suffered badly from menopausal symptoms and had severe hot flushes 3-6 times a day which was very embarrassing during meetings etc!

I was seeing a hypnotherapist to hopefully lose weight and she told me that due to cortisol stress levels with the business and being in menopause it would be impossible.

A girlfriend Leaha Campbell who is a member of the Facebook group LowCarb World told me about this way of eating. I decided as soon as I got back from Bali I was going to start this way. I wasn’t entirely convinced, but it made sense to me. After all, I had nothing to lose did I?

I joined the page beginning May 2017 and read the comments religiously every day for weeks. I trawled through all the files, printed recipes, made many notes, saved and printed all the memes and made a spreadsheet of common foods and their macros. I was as ready as i’d ever be. My Low Carb journey began on 22nd May 2017. I weighed and measured myself and took photos front and side on.


I thought i’d give it a go for a month hell for leather and see what transpired. If it didn’t work, well so be it ( I was worried that my hormone treatment would permanently affect my weight loss efforts). By day 2 I was down to TMAD, week 3 OMAD. The 1st week I tried too hard to make it work and put myself under pressure. The 2nd I slowed it down and went back to basics and just tweaked what i’d normally have. IF and EF became a common scenario and i was fully immersed in the FB page, watching, reading and then answering questions for the newbies.

Two weeks in, the changes were obvious.

  • My stomach bloat which i didn’t realise i had, was gone.
  • By day 2 I didnt have hot flushes AT ALL anymore
  • No night sweats anymore
  • Better mood, more positive frame of mind
  • No more insomnia
  • No restless sleep (brain too active usually but not now)
  • More patient, happier
  • Skin better, healthier


As well as the health benefits I was consistently losing weight on the scales and off the scales.

I have hated cooking for as long as i can remember and only cook because i have a family and they need to eat. It is a chore. Now i found that I was enjoying cooking…. and from scratch not from jars and packets.

At around 4-6 months I started losing clumps of hair which was the hardest thing to deal with. I didn’t know how to stop it and couldn’t. It has now finally slowed and is growing back thicker.

Lately i have been on and off the ‘wagon’ so to speak and I am feeling the old effects. I am determined to make this my way as I have a significant surgery coming up shortly, in which I need to be the best version of me… and low carb is that version.


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