Chinese Take-Away Keto Style

In my old life, I always ordered Salt & Pepper Squid if we had Chinese. I am an absolute fresh chilli junky so the heat and salt and the texture of the squid was just everything I needed to get my taste buds zinging and singing.

salt & pepper pork belly

Then I moved to UK and unless I am in London it is hard to find so I changed to Salt & Pepper Chicken which was available in my area. Today I decided to have the 2 strips of pork belly left in the fridge but had no idea what to do with them, I was really hungry by 3pm so my first meal of the day needed to be quite quick.

So I started cutting the belly into bite-size pieces and then thought ooh salt and pepper belly!! I left the fat on and drizzled a fair amount of olive oil in the pan on a high heat then turned it to low and cooked for 18 mins.

I didn’t fancy cauli rice today so made a mash, I have to say this will now be a regular weekly meal for us it was AMAZING.


2 Tbsp. oil heated

2 strips Pork Belly

very small sliced onion

1/4 sliced Green Capsicum

1/4 tsp Cayenne pepper

1/4 tsp White Pepper

1 tsp salt

Chop the belly into bite-size chunks, leaving the fat on

Add to the hot oil then turn heat to low

Sprinkle meat with salt, white pepper and cayenne

Leave to cook on low for 18 mins.

Turn each piece over

Add onion and capsicum to the pan and stir everything together

Cook for 5 more minutes until onion is partially softened

Serve on preferred vegetables.



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