Starter Pack & Coaching Groups

Please read below for info on our 2-week support group and below that you may also buy the Starter Pack as a standalone item without support OR you may join the support group if you have previously bought the starter pack and want to do it again with the support group.

SALE!! 50% OFF

Starter Pack was £9 now £4.50 ……………. 

You can buy the starter pack above for just £12 and once purchased you will be given the FB support group link via email, it will go to the email used for your PayPal account. Please don’t message us if you have forgotten your PayPal details we cannot help with this, you have to contact PayPal.

We will check our sales records before allowing people in so no cheating to get through the door ha!

The closed support group is not live yet, you will not be able to comment until we start on (your own time zone).

This will give you time to shop and PREP your food for the 2 weeks. Almost every meal can be prepped in advance.

Please do not join the support group if you are not willing to prep the food OR not eat the foods listed for each day as it really messes up the group feed when people do not follow the days’ meals. IF there are foods you don’t like please contact me via PM on FB and ask what to buy and prep instead so that on the day you are not ‘winging it’. effort

PLEASE use the same name & email address used for FB or Private message us on FB just with your name variation to prevent delivery delays. If you have forgotten your PayPal password you must reset it via PayPal to access the link in the email. We are unable to sort Paypal issues out.

The starter Pack has 2 weeks of delicious meals with correct daily macros of 5% or less of carbs, 15-20% protein and 75-80%fat. We have provided a full shopping list with amounts required for the 2 weeks, so all you have to do is order cook, add some fat to your side dishes and eat 🙂 See below for an index of contents

You can get daily support from the secret group to help you start your journey the right way so that you get the best results possible with no hunger or feelings of deprivation!

another curry



2 Month Coaching Group Currently Unavailable

This Group will help you learn how to prepare easy green list meals that are 100% compliant and fit your macros for the day perfectly. Joining this group will provide you with detailed & guided support which is just not possible in the large group.Buy Now

The fee for the 2 months will be £30 GBP which is in line with and if not cheaper than most support groups. There will be support for you whichever part of the world you live in as we are online 24/7 most days.

There will be some basic meal plans to give you ideas and we will be there to guide you through any hiccups and get you really comfortable with making LCHF an integral part of your life.

We ran a competition in our first 2-week support group for a name for the  2-month support group, the winner received free entry to the 2-month support group, the runner-up received a large discount.

The winning name J4S (Just for starters) was won by Karen W.

The runner-up G4G (Go for green) was won by Sue H.

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