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Brekky Egg Roll

One of the breakfast’s- 2 week starter pack.

So we are on Day 3 of the Private support group that people joined when they bought the starter pack, we have had a hiccup here and there but generally, it has gone smoothly.

This is actually just my own feedback so far, when the 2 weeks finish I shall share group members feedback.  We are going to set up some kind of feedback email so we can improve on things that people noticed weren’t top notch.

So far I am loving it, I am really enjoying helping people more closely than I can when I am in the main group. We have about 300 members in the 2 week group and it feels very intimate, I feel as though I can spend time talking people through the intricacies of starting LCHF/Keto.

We have a pretty big mix of total newbies and some who are further along, our guidelines for the newbies are very straightforward but when people start dropping meals and fasting naturally between meals there are lots of questions about their macro’s. Should they put a whole day’s worth of macro’s in their one meal etc?

So it has been really nice talking to those people and helping them adjust to being long-term Banters.

I first did the Coaching Certificate so that I could really help people with LCHF and know I was sharing the info Tim Noakes first shared in the Real Meal Revolution Book. I now feel I can do that in more detail and it is a great feeling helping people get healthy.rmr 1

So our next Group will be in February and I can’t wait, small things I tell you, small things!



What is LowCarb/Keto/Banting?

All of the above come under the LowCarb umbrella but with Banting and Keto daily net carb intake is approx 20g or below a day. Some people will go up to 50g a day once at the weight they want to be.

Banting (just another name for Keto/lchf) is the movement in South Africa started by Professor Tim Noakes the founder of The Noakes Foundation, he originally was a part of the company The Real Meal Revolution and helped write this book, do a search and get a copy, it is a great read.

rmr 1

The name Banting came about due to the first known Low Carber William Banting, it stuck and is why we have several names around the globe for the same thing.

I like Noakes’ version of LCHF as he also eliminates chemicals and known inflammatories from the food lists he provides. Such as Soy, Peanuts, Vegetable/Seed oils and lots of other nasties that we really shouldn’t be ingesting as they make us ill.

My Facebook Group LowCarb World follows Noakes principals. I did my Certified Coaching Course through The Real Meal Revolution when Noakes was still involved with them and before Version 2.0 was released. Our Red, Orange and Green food lists are simple and easy to follow, there is no convoluted plan to work out, you just eat from the green list of foods and just eat when hungry. At maintenance, pregnant/breastfeeding women and children can use the Orange list foods too and children are not limited to a set carb total for the day. Pregnant/BF women can have 50-60g carbs a day.

When I first started the group, I hadn’t done the course and had just been self-learning but there wasn’t much information out at the time. Consequently, we shared a lot of what we call ‘Faux foods’ and had oodles of recipes for sweet replicas for carby foods.

Over time the group has evolved to avoid these Faux foods such as lchf pies/baking etc as we got lots of complaints from members that they found the group hard to visit because all the photo’s of them were setting of hunger & sugar cravings. I also found these high in nuts flour foods were causing our beginners to stall or even gain weight. So now we direct new starters to avoid all faux foods until LCHF has really become embedded in their lives as a way of life and they live it without thinking. Then you may start adding faux foods in BUT be aware they can trigger cravings. Noakes himself avoids all fake sweet things as our very clever brains register sweeteners as sugar and scupper things for us. He says the best thing you can do is avoid all sweet things if you want to remain on track.

The best advice I can give anyone who is interested in LCHF/Keto/Banting is read as much as you can then find a support group you like and stick to that one group’s principles. Too many groups will confuse you as they all do things slightly differently. My group is aimed at ease and simplicity but with very firm guidelines. Green list YES, Red list NO.

Some Brilliant Reading for you after The RMR vers 1.0!

The Obesity Code

obesity code

Big Fat Surprise


The Salt Fix


To Low Carb or not?

Only you can decide which way of eating suits you. Unfortunately, we have had our heads filled with pseudo-science for far too long, well it’s not even correct to call it pseudo-science, more truthful is ‘a load of codswallop’ for years now since the infamous Ancel Keys fabricated his results on the occurrence of heart disease within communities that ate fat. The link when you click on his name above will explain a little of what he did. I would definitely look into him some more, it is interesting reading!

I do wonder sometimes how on earth we thought a high grain and sugar diet would be good for us. If we look back at our ancestors we can easily find info on how they ate. They hunted and gathered, they ate meat and fat in large quantities after hunting and then fasted, meat was dried for use in colder weather and fruit and berries were used at other times. BUT that does not mean fruit and berries we eat today which have been genetically modified by us to be larger and sweeter! A prime example is this banana, check out these pics of other fruit how they originally looked compared to nowwild banana

Once in maintenance, you could have some fruit, such as berries or a small apple. Personally, I would choose sweet potato! Food for thought huh?

Have a look at this YouTube video too, amazing how we have changed so many foods through selective breeding….or is that dogs? 

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