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Men too!

In May 2017, after we’d recently married, my wife Jen sent me a message when I was at work. Jen wanted to try this LCHF WOE she’d be reading about.

Jen had joined the LowCarb World LCHF group a few weeks earlier and had been seeing people with some amazing results eating awesome looking food. She wanted to try it and wanted to know if I wanted to do it or simply support her. Both our weights had rapidly increased in recent months. I was drinking too much alcohol, we ate crap and felt awful. A big weakness for me was ice cream. Jen was about to need to buy size 14 skirts for work and refused to accept it. I was busting out of my work pants.


We knew we were overweight, we just didn’t realise how much. We’d had lots of personal training, tried the typical eating healthy methods. Nothing had worked. LCHF sounded different, but logical.

Jen added me to the group and I was all in. I did some reading and we decided to empty our pantry and fridge of any red list items and crap. I stopped drinking alcohol. I started off taking LCHF snacks to work along with breakfast and lunch. We started each day with a Bullet-Proof coffee.

mels bpc winner

The results were fast. I dropped 11 kilos in 6 weeks without exercise. I was hooked. As time went on, I stopped needing the snacks. We started drinking alcohol in small quantities and not being quite so strict (the odd cheat meal pizza) and we were still seeing results. My weight stabilised at 98.5kg, down from 116.5kg as my heaviest recorded weight. I had been bigger but refused to get on the scales.

Fast forward to now. I was recently diagnosed with mild fatty liver, but my doctor said it was probably much worse before I dropped 20kg. I started to use intermittent fasting on a daily basis and this has helped me push through the plateau and I’ve gone from 98.5 where I was for months, to 92.4kg today.

It’s not just about weight loss anymore, it’s overall health and well-being. I feel so much better. I was a light sleeper and I have a stressful job. Now I can sleep properly. I used to get a frozen shoulder and require remedial massage once a month, I don’t get that anymore and can’t remember the last time I needed a massage. I have better mental clarity and my skin is clearer. There are so many positives to this WOE and that’s before we talk about all the bacon, cream and butter!


I had Nothing To Lose

nikkim collageMy journey began on the 8th May 2017 and it changed my life forever. When my friend told me she was doing this way of eating I was sceptical. I’d been told all my life that eating high fat was really bad for you so I told her to be careful. Living interstate, it was a couple of months until I saw her again in person, and the difference had me floored. That trip I also spoke to another friend who told me more about the science supporting this way of life and that her doctor was supportive. They were key factors in my decision to start. I reasoned that as it’s based on solid science, has medical backing and I had seen such positive results for myself, then I had to give it a go.
nikkimahoney graph
I started at 138.9kg (I’m so embarrassed by this). I had managed to lose 6kg to get to that point, but that had taken me 3 months to do using a traditional diet. Needless to say, the task ahead of me felt impossible, so really I had nothing to lose by giving this a go. Once before, when I was younger, I had lost a significant amount of weight (but nothing compared to this), through eating “healthy” and exercising obsessively. However, eating that way I was starving all of the time, and as soon as I would go out with a friend or treat myself I would have massive setbacks. When a friend came back into my life and we were spending lots of time together, I fell back into old habits and was eating lots of the wrong foods again and my addiction quickly resurfaced. Of course, I ended up right back where I started, and actually in a worse position.

I was super active, dancing and playing basketball multiple days a week, but this had no effect on my weight. I now understand that exercise really doesn’t have much impact on weight loss, despite all of its other health benefits, but back then I didn’t.

I had tried every way under the sun to lose weight and nothing ever worked or was sustainable. Now, having been keto for nearly 14 months, I feel like I know the secret to good health and I wish everyone knew about it.

On my journey, I have learned that sugar is the most addictive substance I have ever had. It wasn’t my lack of willpower that was the issue, it was just that there was no way I could win that fight if I even had a little bit of it. I have learned that I can’t go near it, but also that it isn’t worth it if I do because I won’t enjoy it and my body reacts violently to it now. I look at how I feel now and compare it to how I felt then and I feel the best I have ever felt. Back then though, that was my normal and I had no idea that it wasn’t how I should feel.

During the first 14 months of the rest of my life being keto, I have lost 55kg. I still want to lose more but I am so happy with my progress. Taking photos and looking back at how far I have come is the best thing I could have done.

I have had so many other health benefits, and I was so lucky to see them quickly which was a great motivator. My sleep quality improved quickly. My polycystic ovarian syndrome symptoms eased. My blood pressure and heart rate dropped significantly. I get sick less often. Breathing is easier, the pilates classes I was already doing quickly became easier and I can walk at a much faster pace now. I also enjoy finding new recipes and cooking more than I ever thought I would.

End of July 2018 nikki m july 2018

I also suffer chronic back pain as the result of a car accident. This has been the area of my biggest gain on this way of eating. I can’t tell you that it has lessened my pain, although I’ve read other people who say it has for them, but it has given me the mental clarity and strength to handle the pain much better. Before I started it was all I could do to get through a full day of work. There was no chance I could come home and cook a meal or clean or do anything else. Even something as simple as chopping some veggies would induce a flare. On the weekend it would take me a half a day to clean the house because I needed to rest in between every task I did. Now, despite the same pain levels, everything has changed. I can get through work more easily. I can do things other than sitting on the couch after work, such as returning to my beloved dance classes. And cleaning the house now takes me a quarter of the time it used to.

I am just starting to have days where I feel really confident in my appearance. It makes a nice change but I am still learning to wrap my head around this. My mind hasn’t caught up with my body yet. Clothes shopping is fun again.

I have found what works for me and for me this change is for life. I seriously owe everything to finding this way of life. I’m going to be forever grateful to my friends for introducing me to it, and to the admins of this group who work tirelessly to give everyone the support they need. You really make a huge difference. And to every one of you who have ever commented on or liked a picture.


No longer Need A Knee Brace

All my life I have thought of myself as a bigger person but never as big as after I had my two beautiful children and then gave up smoking. I have since discovered that tobacco contains a high sugar content hence why we look for sweet things when we give up smoking! Well, my weight ballooned. For years I neglected my body eating many of the wrong things and drinking copious amounts of diet coke. After discovering the extremely bad effects that aspartame was having on my wellbeing in the form of massive headaches body aches and pains etc I gave that up, nope not cold turkey I switched to normal coke instead!

My weight continued to increase over the years. In November 2016 my good friend Ange introduced me to the FaceBook Group LowCarb World and gave me a big spiel about how good the food was. Of course, the obese side of my brain fought her off making up all sorts of excuses. As a family, we loved to eat pasta and rice and these two alone would form much of our meals; enjoying curries and pasta dishes. ‘Substitute cauliflower rice for normal rice,’ she said and of course, my obese brain fought back with “have you seen the price of cauliflowers!? $6 each and I would need a whole one to feed my family of four.”


Eventually, she gave up. However, I remained a member of the group researching and
reading everything in the files and watching the progress being made by those who had already taken the plunge. It wasn’t until September 2017 when off to the hospital I went with what I suspected to be a kidney stone. Correct I was and I passed that little painful sucker without pain relief after waiting in the ER to be seen and then finally taken in for diagnosis and treatment. They tried to get a cannula into my fat arm, however, due to being dehydrated and obese they struggled to find a vein and so no pain relief was forthcoming! By the time they brought in an ultrasound machine to find a vein, I had passed the stone and the pain was almost gone!

After this admission, I researched even more and discovered that my coke addiction most likely caused my stone.  I made the decision to improve my health with coke being the first thing to go. At this point, I weighed in at a massive 155.8kg! I took Ibuprofen almost daily for pain from viral arthritis that my Doctor diagnosed from a bout of Ross River fever.

I made the decision to start LCHF on the 29th of October 2017 and was out shopping to start when my husbands father passed away. Knowing that I would find it really hard to be totally compliant while away in Melbourne for his funeral I waited until the 8th of November the day we returned home to begin in earnest.

My road has been pretty good. I did once have a non compliant meal after only being compliant for about 3 weeks due to bad choices and circumstances and felt ill for
two days after so won’t ever do that again! One of the first things I noticed was my fingers felt thinner when washing my hands! From there I began to notice that I no longer required pain killers as often and to show you how little I need them now I have taken two ibuprofen since Christmas 2017!

This achievement alone gives me the encouragement to continue on my healing journey but that is not all the benefits I have gained. My IBS is virtually non existant. I no longer require a knee brace when playing soccer. I have not needed to use a ventolin puffer this year. I no longer suffer from acid reflux. I am more active and enjoy my games of soccer each week and feel good after playing. At last measurement on 12/04/2018 I have lost a total of 93.5cm from my body gone from a size 26 to a size 18-20 and last because its less important than everything else to me I have lost more than 44kg. Not once have a felt deprived or starving nor do I feel like I am only eating rabbit food! I have by no means reached my goals however I have embraced this WOE and made it my life! I love the food that I can eat it, has so much flavour that I really do not miss the foods that I choose not to eat anymore!




The only downside is that I now feel the cold which I have not done in years! The upside to this I now fit into the jeans and warm jumpers that have lived in my wardrobe for years waiting for this day lol! I felt so liberated when I went through my wardrobe
and culled all the clothes that were TOO BIG YAY! My clothes will last longer because my
stomach no longer rubs on the steering wheel in my car! I feel so good that I just want everyone to feel the same way and so I encourage many of my friends to at least take a look at the green and red lists and go from there.

I am a convert! LCHF for life!


Incredible Blood Tests

My friend Yvonne had spent years telling me about the benefits LCHF and I’d spent just as long dismissing her excited chatter. It seemed to me that LCHF involved a ‘diet’ that was unhealthy and unsustainable. I’d given up on diets…until I saw Yvonne’s before and after photos. When I won a new job at a prestigious school, I felt affirmed and was finally in the right headspace to give banting a go.

On December the 11th, days after my appointment, I bought The Real Meal Revolution, joined LowCarb World and started eating nothing but green listed foods. Naturally, I received a lot of dismissive comments about the wisdom, or lack thereof, of starting before Christmas. I survived work shows, family Christmas and New Year’s parties and countless lunches, dinners and breakfasts during my holidays, all while sticking religiously to the green list. My only indiscretions have been about 6 glasses of wine, including a sparkling white which I found so sweet I could barely drink. Despite having previously been a big social drinker, I’ve not missed alcohol. I’m quite happy to stick to soda water, water or black coffee.




Probably the hardest issue I’ve had is that I’m such a social being. Going out to dinner at a café is generally not too bad…I omit rice, pasta and potatoes and am no longer too scared to tailor the menu to suit my needs. Friends, however, try to provide ‘healthy options’ despite me being upfront about my new way of eating. They offer alternatives, however, such as fruit salads and sugar-free desserts which I just continue to refuse. I’ve overcome the problem by taking keto seed crackers and cheese with me to dinners and announce that, rather than eat dessert, I’d prefer to nibble on a cheese platter after dinner. No-one ever watches to see how much I eat, as they’re all too busy raving about the crackers instead!


What of the benefits of my new way of eating? Where do I start…there seem to be so many!? Firstly, the added energy having lost my first 22kg. I can now dance, walk and move without being immediately out of breath and beetroot faced. It’s been a joy to find I can fit into clothes that are several sizes smaller. The absolute winner though…my GP has been astonished by my weight loss and the incredible results of my blood tests, prompting him to phone me after hours to tell me my liver function was ‘perfect’, thyroid ‘perfect’, sugars ’perfect’ and cholesterol…you guessed it…’perfect’. I am no longer on cholesterol medication and my next goal is to kick the blood pressure medication too.

I have about another 14 kg until I reach my goal. It suddenly seems achievable, thanks to this wonderful way of eating and supportive group.

Don’t procrastinate. Just do it!!


Maddy’s Cacciatore

Chicken Cacciatore buttered veg

My Chicken Cacciatore

Before I moved to the Uk this was something I often saw in Italian restaurants & I used to make it a fair bit too. I think I have seen it once here! Not sure why it popped into my head to make it tonight, but I am glad I did, it was absolutely delicious.

Tasty, tangy flavours, moist chicken drumsticks and buttered broccoli make this an absolute winner. I am not one for chicken breasts in this dish as I find them too dry, thighs or drumsticks are the best and tend to be cheaper too. I hope you enjoy it as much as my family did.

Now it looks like a huge serve but if you are like me you are very picky about the meat on the drumsticks, whereas The Husband will leave bare bones and eat any chewy bits. We are both on 1 meal a day, and it is usually early evening, therefore,  can afford a higher carb meal like this one now and then, obviously if you are having smaller serves and more veg your macro’s will change, I worked them out for 2 people in this case. Some days we eat a ‘proper’ meal such as this, some days it will be a quick omelette or bacon and eggs.


Serves 2-4

8 chicken drumsticks

1 small onion sliced

1/2  tsp garlic powder

1 tsp Italian dried herbs

1/4 cup sliced mushrooms

350 ml Passata

10 sliced black olives

3 finely chopped anchovy fillets

1/4 diced red Capsicum/pepper

  • Brown chicken on medium heat
  • set aside
  • Turn heat to low
  • Keep pan juices
  • Add olive oil, herbs & garlic to pan
  • Stir well
  • Add onion and fry for 2 minutes
  • Add anchovies & Passata
  • Stir well
  • Add capsicum, mushrooms, olives salt & pepper
  • Stir well
  • Return chicken to the pan
  • Stir gently to cover all chicken with sauce
  • Cover and cook on low for 25 minutes
  • Serve with buttered low carb vegetables

MacrosCarbs 12g, Fat 73g, Protein 85g